Maintaining the Balance

This is the story of five intrepid adventurers thrust into an epic quest to save the world of Panadul from catastrophic events beyond the reckoning of mere mortals!

Four of the would-be heroes were arrested for various crimes within the demi-human country of Esturion. They were each sentenced to no less than 6 months of prison time in the backwater Colson Prison. Then one day, the Constable approaches and offers them an opportunity to end their incarceration. All they must do is find and retrieve a missing dwarf…

Information of Interest

Cast of Characters:

Zaza – Wilden Druid from another plane. Arrived on Panadul possessed of the driving need to be…somewhere…at a particular time. Was arrested for “disturbing the peace” by sitting in the middle of a busy thoroughfare in Estium.

Cayden – Human Warlord from the nearby land of Adur. Traveled to Estiurion to learn more of the region’s military tactics. Young and naive, he mistook local police activity as a bandit raid and intervened. Was sent to prison for “interfering with constabulary business.”

Shirow – Waterborn Genasi Swordmage from another land. Set out on an epic quest of his own to procure an ancient artifact, Shirow’s vessel was attacked by pirates and sunk. Shirow escaped, but found himself on the shores of a world as alien to him as he is to it. Arrested for being excessively different and answering constabulary questions “in a mocking way.”

Castiel – Warforged Warlock. Originally the unthinking property of one Aughrend Isof, one day Castiel found himself sentient and with full memory of the “abuse” to which he was subjected while under the wizard’s “care”. He called out to the universe for help in escaping his nightmarish life and received an unexpected answer. That is the last thing he remembers. Was found in the smoking ruins of Aughrend’s tower, with the wizard nowhere to be found. Arrested by local law enforcement as a precaution and as a possible suspect in the wizard’s disappearance and/or death.

Ulvein – Drow Avenger of Corellon Larethian. Discovered by the other adventurers whilst traveling through the dark tunnels beneath Esturion…

Maintaining the Balance

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