Constable Roddick

Constable for Colson Prison


Human male, 57 years old, 6’0", 225lbs. Slightly graying brown hair, trimmed very short. Clean-shaven, erect posture, immaculately dressed in Constable uniform.

Accustomed to having orders obeyed without question or hesitation. Fair and just, treats all of his prisoners equally, regardless of their crimes.


Constable James Roddick spent 32 years in the Esturion army, honorably retiring as a colonel 8 years ago. Rumors abound concerning his somewhat abrupt retirement from the military, but no one knows the facts of the situation. One thing is clear, however. One doesn’t go from an honored command position in the army to the Constable of a backwater prison without some unusual circumstances.

Roddick treats all of his prisoners intelligent creatures, not just convicts. He has been seen joking with some inmates and taking part in spirited debates with others. However, there is no question who is in charge; a fact that he is very quick to enforce should his wards become too familiar.

Constable Roddick

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