Drow Avenger of Corellon Larethian


Background until given a different one by Levi:

Began his life as “Duag’Ghuan” of House Auvry d’Urden. He was born to Breena’ssysn, a low-ranking priestess of Lolth in the minor house. His father was a commoner male killed shortly after the truth of Duag’Ghuan’s heritage was discovered. Raised as a noble child, Duag’Ghuan learned nothing but the cruelty and hate inherent in his people. He was looked down upon by his entire family and treated with less respect than the goblin slaves. His name, meaning “Accursed ward” in Drow, was given to him after the priestess who delivered him saw an omen in the blood of the afterbirth. The child bore a protection mark from an unknown god (Lolth, it was believed). The child was not made aware of the significance of the birthmark on his head, but it prevented him from being killed outright as a bastard child.

When he was barely old enough to hold a sword, he was sent to the surface world with a raiding band to better learn about the evil of the surface races. While there, he got separated from the group (deliberately?) and soon found himself lost in the woods. He was found by a kindly old elf hermit who took the child in and cared for him. The old elf taught the boy about Corellon and the nature of the surface world. When the boy was old enough, the old elf sent him off to learn at a remote monastery in Aestiri. There he was trained in the art of the Avenger, to become a Sword of Corellon.

During his time at the monastery, he changed his name to Ulvein and dropped his family name completely. He has dedicated himself to bringing vengeance to his former family for their ill-treatment of him as a child of Corellon. As the final rite of passage into the Brotherhood of the Sword, he was required to go forth into the world alone and learn of the races of the other lands. He traveled through Aestiri, across the mountains through the dwarf kingdom and attempted to penetrate the Gnome realm, but was redirected by their illusion magic.

While trying to regain his bearings, he discovered signs of a drow raiding party and followed them back into the tunnels underneath the mountains. There, he tracked the group for days before finally encountering them. He called them to justice, but was so grossly overmatched that he quickly fell to their sleep poison. The leader of the group left Ulvein, unconscious, in the care of two wounded male soldiers and a young, low-ranking priestess of Lolth while the rest of the party returned back to their Underdark home.


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